Book 1: Sky Raiders

Book 2: Calling the Change

Book 3: Shadow Warrior (Coming end January 2018)

Prequel 1: Interference (Novella included in the Orphans in the Black anthology)

Prequel 2: Insurgency (Short Novel to be included in a box set with Interference in late January 2018)

Box Set: Inference & Insurgency: Two Novellas of the Verdant String

Book 1: Breakaway (Coming June 2018)

Class 5 Series-2

Book 1: Dark Horse

Book 2: Dark Deeds

Book 3: Dark Minds

Susanna Series

Book 1: In a Treacherous Court

Book 1.5 (short story): Dangerous Sanctuary

Book 2: Keeper of the King’s Secrets

Book 3: In Defense of the Queen

Regency Series

(This is a connected series, with some characters appearing in multiple books, but with different main characters in each novel. It isn’t really necessary to read these in order.)

Book 1: The Emperor’s Conspiracy
Book 2: Banquet of Lies
Book 3: A Dangerous Madness

Dark Forest Series

Book 1: The Golden Apple
Book 2: The Silver Pear

BO Series

Breaking Out: Part I (Short story)
Breaking Out: Part II (Novella)


Daughter of the Sky (Historical Fiction)

Mistress of the Wind (Fantasy)


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