INTERFERENCE by Michelle Diener
Eclipse (June 2017 – available in the Orphans in the Black anthology)
Interference is novella length

Interference can go either way . . .

The tiny moon of Cepi is on a countdown to destruction, and while Nyha Bartali has been persuaded to take her four wards for a final look at the archaeological wonder, now she’s eager to leave. The only problem is, someone has other plans–plans to exploit Nyha and her girls’ status as the betrayed orphans of the Verdant String in order to give them time to steal Cepi’s secrets.

Nyha and her wards’ value as survivors of the destruction of Halatia is that it would be political suicide for any leader of the Verdant String to endanger them again–something the hostage-takers know very well. What the hostage-takers don’t know is that Nyha and her girls have more help than they realize.

Mak Carep knows his team’s presence on Cepi is the last flex of Arkhor’s muscle before the moon is blown to bits. Arkhor has interfered on Cepi since it discovered the ruins four hundred years ago, but sometimes, interference can have unexpected consequences. When Nyha and her girls are taken hostage, Mak and the rest of his special forces team are the only ones who have any hope of rescuing them, and they’re ready and willing to do what Arkhor does best . . . Interfere.


Interference is the first novella in the Verdant String series. It was first published in the Orphans in the Black anthology, and is available in the Interference & Insurgency Box Set. To receive notification when the next Verdant String novel, BREAKAWAY, becomes available, please sign up to my new release notification list.


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