Banquet of LiesBANQUET OF LIES by Michelle Diener (Gallery Books, October 22nd, 2013)

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REGENCY LONDON: Giselle Barrington is living a double life, juggling the duties of chef with those of spy-catcher. She must identify her father’s savage killer before the shadowy man finds her and uncovers the explosive political document her father entrusted to her safekeeping.

Posing as a French cook in the home of Lord Aldridge, Giselle is surrounded by unlikely allies and vicious enemies. In the London streets where she once walked freely among polite society, she now hides in plain sight, learning the hard lessons of class distinction and negotiating the delicate balance between servant and master.

Lord Aldridge’s insatiable curiosity about his mysterious new chef blurs the line between civic duty and outright desire. Carefully watching Giselle’s every move, he undertakes a mission to figure out who she really is—and in the process, plunges her straight into the heart of danger when her only hope for survival was to remain invisible.

If you enjoyed The Emperor’s Conspiracy, you’ll find a number of the characters from that book make an appearance as secondary characters in Banquet of Lies, including Charlotte and Lord Durnham, although you don’t by any means have had to have read The Emperor’s Conspiracy to read Banquet of Lies. It stands on its own.

“Diener enlivens history.” —RT Book Reviews

“An enormous talent!” —Affaire de Coeur

“Diener has set a standard for what good historical fiction ought to be.” —Luxury Reading

What reviewers are saying about Banquet of Lies:

lovely, intriguing and well-written . . . delectable.” Words & Stitches

a fine treat . . . ” RT Book Reviews

A thrilling mystery and delicious romance.” Fresh Fiction

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