Sep 132012

A year ago, due to the hard work and dedication of friend and author, Edie Ramer, a very special anthology was published. ENTANGLED is a labor of love, with ten short stories and one novella, all following a paranormal Halloween theme, and the full profit from the sales of the anthology go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I am one of the contributors, and am thrilled to report that the anthology has made $11,321.91 for the BCRF over the year it’s been up for sale.

To everyone who bought a copy of ENTANGLED, thank you for your contribution to this amazing cause. For more information, you can go here.

  2 Responses to “The Entangled Anthology – A year on”

  1. Michelle, ditto everything you say. I’m so proud of the anthology and the money we’ve raised.

  2. I ditto, too, Michelle. Doing the anthology with a cast of such talented writers was a high. The money raised is humbling. Hope we can raise more!!

    Nancy Haddock

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